Midwinter Frost
Midwinter Frost - Complete demo tapes 1990-1997
Thromdarr performs aggressive and poetic metal music. Stylistically Thromdarr enriches the greatness of the heavy and thrash metal of the 80's with the death and black metal nuances. Extremely heavy guitar walls and beautiful keyboard melodies complete the experience.

Thromdarr has been around since the late 80's and now they are stronger than ever with a new powerful line-up. The troops of Thromdarr have been fortified with a new singer, a second guitarist and a keyboardist. As a result of the updated line-up, the stories are now told with the aggression and agony they should be told with.
Latest news:
[27.05.2022] Official album release date for "Thromdarr Midwinter Frost - Complete demo tapes 1990-1997" is June 17th 2022!

[27.05.2022] Svart Records will release Thromdarr's Midwinter Frost - Complete demo tapes 1990-1997 double LP compilation and CD on the 17th of June 2022. Pre-order at Svart Records

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